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Article Marketing And Article Submission Service

You’ve crafted a beautifully written article that bestows the benefits of your website and have even written several variations of the resource box to gain the most advantage from your links, but what’s next?

Saving Time Submitting Articles

The reality of effective article marketing is that the next step is to create accounts on a huge number of directories and then to submit each of your articles to every single one. Many article marketers will use 50 directories, 100 directories, or possibly even more. Submitting a single article to this many sites can take hours but it is considered a critical part of the article marketing process. Setting your accounts up in the first place will take even longer.

Ethical And Effective Article Marketing

At Manual Link Building we provide an ethical, high quality, and effective article submission service for all of our clients. We can submit any number of articles, whether it’s a single article as a one off job or hundreds of articles every single month.

Following Guidelines

Every article directory has its own guidelines for submissions and you must follow these to ensure that your article is listed. Spelling and grammar mistakes may cause the article to be returned and this typically means even more article submission time.

Hundreds Of Submissions

Using Manual Link Building for your article marketing lets you sit back and watch the benefits while we submit to 50, 100, 200, or even 300 directories. These submissions are completed by real people and this manual process is one of the criteria when you submit articles to the directories.

Killer Links

Article directories are not born equal and with hundreds to choose from you want to be sure that you are getting the benefits of killer links. We only submit to directories that use standard linking procedure. Links must be in HTML format, they must allow anchor text, and they must not use nofollow link attributes otherwise, from an SEO point of view, they are useless.

Contact Manual Link Building today to see how we can submit your articles to hundreds of high quality directories every month.

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