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Awesome Pixel Art by Edmonton Web Designers

Posted on by Gareth

Edmonton Web DesignA new business by one of my web designer friends Anton at - Love this image of the City of Edmonton

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Using video to market your business

Posted on by Gareth

I love this video – really portrays the company in a good light and looks professional

Well done to

If you need any custom videos for your business – please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss

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Infographics and the Multilingual Development Process

Posted on by Gareth

Infographics: Multilingual Development Process

Infographics: Multilingual Development Process [Infographic] by the team at Optimize Your Web

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Manual Link Building to Headline Sponsor Inaugural US Search Awards

Posted on by Sean

We are happy to announce our headline sponsorship of the first-ever US Search Awards, which will take place in Las Vegas this fall.

The awards, which follow the success of similar events held in the UK and Europe, take place on Wednesday October 23 at Vegas’ famous Treasure Island hotel and casino.

By sponsoring such a prestigious event we hope to further expand our reach to agencies and businesses in the US who are looking for quality link building and SEO services.

Manual Link Building join Majestic SEO as headline sponsors for the awards, which feature 22 different categories covering numerous industries and digital marketing areas.

Entries for all categories opened last week – if you are an agency, an organisation or even an individual who believes your work should receive recognition then you have until Friday July 19 to submit your entry on the US Search Awards website.

Some high-profile names will judge the competition, including Rand Fishkin (pictured right) from SEOmoz and brand ambassador for Majestic SEO Mel Carson.

Make sure you look out for the award shortlist which will be announced on Friday September 6 on the official website –

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The Benefits Of Implementing Social Marketing Into Your SEO Campaign

Posted on by Gareth

search-socialAmong the various snippets to have been taken from interviews with search engine executives recently is the fact that both Google and Bing rely increasingly on social indicators to help them rank websites. This means that those sites that encourage greater interaction with social users are the sites that are most likely to succeed in search. There are other benefits, too, to ensuring that your content is liked, shared, and linked.

What Are Social Indicators?

Social indicators represent a measure of how many friends and acquaintances you have online. They are also a measurement of how often they talk about you and whether or not they choose to share your discussion with others. They are treated as being an accurate measurement of how much influence your website and you specifically have over your social audience. The more impact you have the greater your search engine ranking is likely to be.

How To Improve Your Social Indicators

There are many websites that you can use in order to help improve your social media campaign and this will assist in search engine optimization. Share photos and videos, bookmark websites, create social profiles and network with others in the same industry as you. By creating a community of likeminded individuals that have the same interests it is possible to enjoy an increase in traffic directly from social media sites and social networks.

Dominate Search

Strong social media marketing can help you to dominate the search pages and not necessarily just the top pages. Search pages not only consist of standard search results anymore, there are blog posts, news results, multimedia content, and even scholarly articles and book results. By submitting your own video, blog posts, and news articles you could have four results displayed on the first page of search results for topics that are relevant to your website and to your market.

Social Media Links

Social media links are a beneficial form of links that not only help you to drive traffic from the major social media websites. They are also highly beneficial as a means of helping improve your search ranking position and the exposure that your website gains on the search results pages. Join or start a community that is centered around your website and you could reap major rewards.

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Mobile SEO Tips

Posted on by Gareth

mobile-seoMore and more people access the Internet using mobile phones and smartphones. The difference in screen size, processor performance, and media capabilities, means that the mobile market is very different to the desktop and laptop market.

Mobile SEO aims to pave the way to greater traffic levels from these handheld devices and having a mobile optimized website can lead to an increase in traffic that you wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Quality content that renders well on Mobile screens

Many best practices for mobile SEO are similar or the same as those for general SEO. You should ensure that you have high quality content and that you have developed links for your pages. You also need to ensure that pages are accessible and this means that they can be viewed on smartphones of different sizes as well as those that do and do not have Flash capabilities.

You must ensure that you have a mobile friendly website. Whether you have a WordPress site or an e-commerce site you will find plugins and scripts that can ensure your site is accessible and legible whether it is being viewed on a desktop or on a smartphone screen. If you are going after a target market that is made up of people that predominantly access your site using a mobile device then you should consider setting up a mobile specific website to provide them with what they are looking for.

Short Tail Search Terms

Mobile search strings, and therefore keywords, are typically around 25% shorter than their desktop counterparts. It takes longer to type in search strings on a smartphone and so people rely on the use of shorter strings. Use keywords in the same way as you would when optimizing your main website by including them in your content and meta tags, as well as in the anchor text for your inbound links.

The Internet landscape is constantly evolving and one of the most recent and impacting developments is that of the mobile Internet. More people access the Internet using mobile devices than ever before and this means that the savvy website owner and marketer will optimize websites for mobile use, encouraging more visitors from those using mobile phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

If you require advice on how our mobile SEO can help your site, please contact us today

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What Is Google Really Thinking?

Posted on by Gareth

This is a question that has passed through the mind of many a website owner and marketer since the search engine first hit the scenes. For the most part, Google is quite candid about the fact that they are looking for high quality content and websites that are driven primarily by the desire to provide their visitors with an answer to the questions that they have.

Google’s View Of SEO

However, one grey area that has always existed is regarding exactly what Google makes of SEOs and the websites that utilize their services. In an interview with SEO expert James Reynolds, Google’s Head of Search Amit Singhal reveals some slightly surprising news. You can find more details of Google’s take on SEO here if you’re so inclined.

High Quality Results

Google aims to provide high quality results to its users and this means placing top quality websites that are filled with user driven content at the top of their search results. This also means relegating poor quality sites with useless information to the bottom. However, it goes much deeper than this with sites that artificially build content and links also being hit so the assumption has long been held that Google does, in fact, have a certain disliking for SEOs and the actions they take.

Google’s Take On The Situation

According to Amit Singhal, who is the head of Google’s search team and therefore something of an authority on the matter, the truth is actually a little different. He says that Google does dislike those sites that use artificial methods in order to try and rank well with poor performing sites. However, Google respects the work of authoritative and high quality SEO agencies because they help improve the quality of a website and therefore improve the quality of Google’s own results. It is important, therefore, that you outsource your search optimization to a company that is not only reputable but that uses reliable and high quality optimization techniques.

SEO Isn’t Dead But It Needs To Provide Quality

It turns out, then, that there is still a place for keyword research, high quality content, and the development of a social media profile and link profile; as long as they are used to benefit website users rather than simply to try and generate improve search results.

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The Makings Of A Good SEO

Posted on by Gareth

Search engine optimization can be one of the most effective and efficient means of marketing a website or business online but it does require a huge depth of knowledge and a willingness to bow to ever changing demands made by the search engines.

There are certain steps that you, as a budding or experienced search engine optimizer, can take to become the most efficient you can be.

The Importance Of Quality

The onus is very much on quality in the modern search engine results page. The likes of Google make regular changes to their algorithms in a bid to stay one step ahead of the SEO. In the majority of cases they not only stay one step ahead but several massive leaps. Be prepared for the fact that you cannot beat Google at their own game and, eventually, you will lose out… unless you stick to the same ethos of quality that the search engines want to promote in their own results.

Writing For Humans

A common mistake that old school SEOs still make is to write for search engines. They aim for a 3% keyword density and introduce a number of semantically related keywords. Search engines are wise to this particular trick and have been for some time now. Write for humans and not for search engines; add quality content that is written naturally and reads perfectly and you will benefit in many ways.

Creating An Effective List

Create a list of leads and network with them regularly. It is this network that will typically lead to greater conversions and will generate you the best possible returns on your investment. Those that use search engines are typically doing so in a bid to find the lowest prices but you can catch them in your net if you implement a positive networking strategy.

SEO Evolves

SEO is far from dead but it has, once again, changed. The implementation of the Panda and, more recently, Penguin updates, means that website owners and SEOs alike are finding it even more necessary to design, write, and promote to a better standard. To beat the opposition you need to perform even better than them and prove even greater quality to your readers.

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What Is The Best Type Of SEO Link Building Service?

Posted on by Gareth

There are many methods used to develop links for a website and there are companies that offer access to each of these types of link building strategy. As such there are a great many link building services that you can choose from in a bid to help promote your website and increase the amount of targeted traffic your pages receive. So, which is the best type of SEO link building service that you can use in order to help promote your pages in the search results?

Natural Links

First off, it is vital that you choose a service that uses ethical techniques. In the modern SEO world, this means developing links naturally and as a result of the quality of your site content so the first step is to make sure that your content is packed full of useful and beneficial content.

Social Links

Search engines use social indicators as a means of calculating the value of a website. Links from social network and social media users can prove very useful and so too can links from blogs and other forms of online media. This means that you should use an SEO link building service that can help you develop great quality content and then help gain exposure for that content.

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Will Ethical Link Building Services Increase My Traffic?

Posted on by Gareth

Search engines like Google measure the number and quality of links that are directed at a web page to determine the value and usefulness of that website. As such, the better your link profile, the more likely you are to be placed at the top of search engine results pages. With the furore that has surrounded recent Google algorithm changes, can the use of ethical link building services still help to increase traffic to a website?

Ethical Link Building Service

Search engines do still consider links to be an important indicator of a site’s quality. In fact, since they have updated their algorithms they may consider links to be an even greater indication of this. As such, the links that your website has are an important ranking factor and while some link building techniques can land your site with a ranking penalty, using ethical link building services can still generate great results.

Avoid Automated Submissions

You need to discern between ethical and poor quality link building services. Avoid those services that rely on automated submissions and the use of software to build large numbers of links in a short space of time. Instead, concentrate your search on those that help develop quality content and then spread the word about your content.

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