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Facebook Messenger Enables Users To Communicate Straight From Their Desktop

Posted on by Gareth

Facebook is virtually peerless in social networking, with more than 850 million users and some of the highest user engagement figures of any website. People log and update statuses from home, at work, on the move, and before doing virtually anything else. They share photos, play games, and follow celebrities and businesses too making Facebook one of the most beneficial and simple means of communicating with friends and colleagues. With the announcement of Facebook Messenger, communication with Facebook friends has just become a lot easier and a lot more accessible too.

The Social Nature Of Facebook

Facebook is, by its very nature, social. It encourages people to connect and to communicate and on the back of this, it has gone from a dorm room experiment to become one of the most hotly sought after companies in the world. News of its proposed IPO has caused a real storm in the market, too, showing that it has the potential to excite more than the hundreds of millions of personal and business users.

The Introduction Of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a poorly kept secret. A press leak towards the end of last year meant that a preview version was soon made available, but Facebook have announced that a full version is now live. This version can be downloaded directly to your desktop, laptop, and even mobile devices. Currently, there is only a Windows version available but the social network has said that a Mac version will be launching soon. For mobile users, of which there are many on Facebook, there are apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices too, so there’s no need to feel tethered to your home computer if you want to chat and respond to your friends’ updates and postings.

Facebook To Dominate Messenger Industry

Facebook Messenger enables users to keep up with updates and postings made by their friends on Facebook. It also enables them to respond to chat messages and with the following that Facebook demands, it seems highly likely that it will quickly become the most widely used chat and messenger service available. It is, of course, available for free too.



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