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Google Refreshes Panda Update

Posted on by Gareth

The Panda update caused a major stir from Webmasters and from the online world in general. It effectively penalized sites that served poor quality, scraped content, and many a large and well known website was hit with some ranking and traffic reduction. Unfortunately, there were a number of legitimately useful websites hit at the same time and this meant that webmasters were understandingly alarmed. News of another update, minor though it is, may well stir the emotions once again.


The Panda update was unofficially terms the farmer update because it went after websites that farmed content from other sources. Most of these websites use the content legitimately but because it appeared elsewhere on the web, Google believed that it offered low quality to users. As such, they went after these sites and article sites and some guide and how to sites saw substantial losses in their search engine traffic level.

A Data Refresh

This week, a minor Panda update was released and there was some buzz on webmaster forums about changes seen to websites. In the majority of cases, it would seem that these changes were from websites that had had at least some of their rankings restored so webmasters were celebrating the return of their targeted search engine visitors. Inevitably, some websites did suffer but these appear to be in the minority.

Panda 3.2

It would seem, therefore, that Panda 3.2 as the update has become known, was correcting issues it created in earlier releases. There were, according to Google, no additional algorithm changes and no additional signals. This was basically a data refresh and is the first update since November, when Google had said that there would be no more updates during the holiday period.

Google Updates

Webmasters pay a lot of attention to Google algorithm updates because it mean a massive change in traffic levels which, in turn, means a huge change in profits too. The Panda update was considered one of the biggest for some time and it caused a major stir in the webmaster community. This recent refresh has only caused minor ripples but at least they’re mostly positive for once, as webmasters regain some of their lost traffic.



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