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Guaranteed Directory Submissions

Directory submissions can prove an effective way of building links to a website, but some services adopt a mud slinging type approach – they throw enough submissions at directories in the hope that a reasonable number of adequate links will stick. At Manual Link Building we like to do things differently, and our guaranteed directory submissions are for those customers that prefer to know exactly what they are getting when they pay for a quality link building service.

The Directory Network

Guaranteeing that a directory submission will be accepted and that it will stay up for life is ordinarily impossible. A directory could refuse a link for almost any reason, the editors may go through a period of inactivity, or the link could be taken down in the near future. Obviously, this doesn’t happen with all links, but to really ensure that it doesn’t happen Manual Link Building has developed its own network of directories and has also developed a close working relationship with an extended network of directories. Therefore, we can guarantee 100% acceptance and lifetime links.

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    500 Guaranteed Directory Submissions

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    250 Guaranteed Directory Submissions

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    100 Guaranteed Directory Submissions

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The Manual Link Building Ordering Process

To complete the link building process we need a lot of information about your website and what you are trying to rank for.

Once you have paid, please allow PayPal to redirect you back to our website , you will then be presented with forms to tell us about your website and the keywords you are aiming for.

We will then add your order to our tracking system so you can easily communicate with our link building staff at all times and this also provides you with a reference number should you ever need to ask any questions.

Themed Links

Themed links require the proper title, description, and link to be at their most effective. By using our own network of directories we can control exactly what appears on a page, exactly what is included in your listing, and exactly how effective the links will be. Essentially, we control how effective guaranteed directory submissions are for your website.

The Benefits Of Guaranteed Directory Submissions

Guaranteed directory submissions are themed and the search engines give greater benefit to this. What’s more, our guarantee directory submissions are 100% guaranteed to be accepted. If you buy 500 guaranteed directory submissions then you receive 500 links, and all of these links will last for a lifetime too.

The Manual Link Building Service

Long term, themed, guaranteed links are difficult to come by but at Manual Link Building we have worked hard over the past years to provide our customers with access to a network of directories that offer exactly what they need.

Contact Manual Link Building today and see how our guaranteed directory submission can improve your website’s performance.

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