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Is Your Business Page Ready For Facebook Timeline?

Posted on by Gareth

Timeline has caused some derision among users, but the new Facebook Timeline features for business pages looks as though it is a positive change that gives the business user greater control over the information displayed and enables them to interact with their customers better and on a larger scale. Enhanced graphics, greater fan interaction, and featured posts are some of these changes and businesses will automatically move over to the new Timeline design on March 30th so you might as well make those changes sooner rather than panic later.

Timeline Controversy

One of the main changes, seen by all users and not just business page admins, is the actual timeline introduction. Status updates are organized into chronological order and as part of a timeline which makes sorting easier. It enables a page admin to look at posts made by a specific person over time although we’re not entirely sure how this will benefit business. There are changes that definitely will improve the business experience, if they are utilized efficiently.

Facebook Visual Changes

Overall, the visual design of Facebook business pages now appears to be more blog like with much greater emphasis on images. A cover photo or image of 851 x 315 pixels can be added to your business page and this gives great opportunity for company branding. You can use a photo, giant logo, or something created by a graphic design professional.

About Sections

You can, and indeed should, include an About section. This feature has always been there but it was far from being prominent when placed in the info tab. Now, the About text will appear right in the heart of your business profile page so write something good and you could benefit from it.

Featured Posts

Another feature that is a little more like a blog or forum is the ability to quickly and easily feature specific posts. You simply star a post and it will be pinned to the top of the list for a week. If you want it to appear for longer then you can change the data of the post therefore enabling you to retain a particular featured post at the top of the list for as long as you like.



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