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Monthly Link Building Packages

For the best possible results, link building should be considered a long term and ongoing effort.

There are two main reasons for this. The search engines give greater weight to links that have been in place for some time and those sites that have been steadily building links for an extended period. Also, though, if you are at or near the top of the search results which is where you should be aiming for, then slacking in your link building will provide those behind you with the opportunity overtake your web pages and undo the hard work you’ve done so far.

Regular Link Building

Manual Link Building offers a range of tailored link building packages that are especially designed to help provide a diverse range of links for your site over a period of time. Our monthly link building is especially popular because it can be used by sites of any size, and it is also very popular with SEO agencies and other digital marketing agencies.

Diversifying Your Link Profile

The search engines also like to see diverse link profiles. This means links from lots of different sites, but also from different types of sites, links with different PRs, and even links to different pages and using different keywords. This is another area where we ensure that our recurring link building package options offer the best value.

Stay On Top

Whether you’re still looking to reach the top of the search engines or you have, through hard work and perseverance, already got there, a recurring link building package from Manual Link Building can help you reach and remain at the top of the search results.

Manual Link Building Packages

We offer four different monthly link building packages; choose the one that best suits your website needs and meets your budget. Every package includes a number of different link building products including social bookmarking, directory submissions, and article marketing while the more comprehensive packages also include high PR links, edu links, and even the setting up of relevant micro sites.

Contact Manual Link Building today to discuss a recurring link building package to suit your needs.

The Manual Link Building Ordering Process

To complete the link building process we need a lot of information about your website and what you are trying to rank for.

Once you have paid, please allow PayPal to redirect you back to our website , you will then be presented with forms to tell us about your website and the keywords you are aiming for.

We will then add your order to our tracking system so you can easily communicate with our link building staff at all times and this also provides you with a reference number should you ever need to ask any questions.

  • For the directory submissions use up to 10 different titles and descriptions along with 3 different URLs.
  • For the article writing use 2 URL’s per article in the author’s bio of the article. We can also write the articles for you.

Once the order is set up on our admin system we will email you for all the article information we need.

  • For the social bookmarking we need to know the title tag (7 characters minimum), a short description and what tags you would like adding.
  • For the guaranteed directory submissions, we use old, established directories owned by our network. We recommend you use no more than 5 titles and descriptions for this to maximise the impact.
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