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SEO / Search Engine optimizationWidely considered to be the most effective form of online marketing, organic SEO can generate thousands of visitors a day for the pages of your website. With more competitive keywords, this figure can be considerably larger. Choosing the right keywords and then conducting both on page and off page SEO is where Manual Link Building really stands out and we offer a range of search engine optimization services that include SEO copywriting and a massive selection of link building products.

Organic SEO

Organic search results are those that appear below the first block of sponsored links on the search results pages. They are the results that the majority of searchers head for and this is where search engine optimization attempts to get your site to the very top. The number 1 link is the most commonly clicked so the most desirable and once you reach halfway down the first page, these sites are attracting only a small percentage of results. Reaching the top of the results is where the benefits lie.

SEO as a Science

Search Engines such as Google are based on mathematical algorithms that return relevant results based on how similar the search query made, is to the websites contained in its index, it then displays the website it believes is most relevant to your query at the top of its results.

Our Search engine optimization works to ensure that your site is as relevant to the search queries related to your business as possible. This is where we are optimizing for the search engine bots and spiders, presenting information that they want too see and giving them reasons to rank your site higher.

We will always work with the best long term interests of your web site in mind. We will never do anything that may get you penalised or  de–indexed from the Search Engines.

There are between 200 and 1000 different factors (dependant on the source) that the search engines consider when calculating the results to display – Our optimization works to ensure your site is taking as many of these factors into account as possible.

SEO as an Art

The art of SEO is encouraging the user to click on your website whilst surrounded by up to 20 other search results, all competing for that crucial click from a potential customer.

Once they have arrived on your website, the journey has begun. What do they do now? – What pages do they view? – What pages do they exit from?

There are an infinite number of questions that can be asked about the way traffic interacts with your website. We, as your SEO partner will work with you to learn about your processes and internal requirements. We are experts in usability, what users do on sites and why, how can we make them make that inital purchase and then keep them coming back for more.

Through creative thinking and placing the user experience at the forefront of the journey, we can improve your conversion rates and ensure that the traffic we have fought so hard to get, converts into sales and enquiries.


Contact Manual Link Building today, to discuss how our SEO can drive masses of organic traffic to your website.

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