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Twitter Takes Another Step Towards Greater Marketing Profits With Self Service Ads

Posted on by Gareth

Twitter may not have the profit levels of Google or the user base of Facebook but it has still managed to accumulate more than 100 million users and there are those that believe it to be a more viable business tool than other social media websites. The microblogging platform has announced that its American Express vetted customers will be able to buy self service ads similar in a lot of respects to those offered by Google and without the need to deal with account executives.

Sponsored Tweets

It is possible to pay for sponsored Tweets currently, but it does require a fairly lengthy vetting and application process. Twitter users can then have their posts placed in the stream of Tweets of users depending on where they are located and other personal information. The introduction of the self service ad system will negate the need to have to speak to Twitter directly, as an account can be managed fully online.

Promoted products

The system is being called “promoted products” by Twitter and users will be able to choose how much they want to spend and which Twitter users to display ads to, according to their geographical location. Like Google ads, advertisers will only need to pay if a user clicks on their sponsored ad and performs a desired action such as follows the company.

Marketing Opportunities On Twitter

Twitter has taken its time releasing marketing and advertising tools as they attempt to ensure that the integrity of the system remains in tact for the end user. Despite this, the company still made $140m in advertising revenue last year and thanks to the introduction of Sponsored Products, it is now estimated that this figure will nearly double to $240 this year. Additional marketing avenues are likely to be introduced and these could further help boost the results of the company.

Twitter And The IPO

Many expect Twitter to embark on its own IPO, in the same way Facebook are readying there public launch. However, they are likely to wait until they have a larger revenue figure and despite what some analysts have said, they have openly denied waiting to see how Facebook performs before following suit.



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