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Web 2.0 Microsites

What are Web 2.0 Microsites?

The social Internet phenomenon has grown rapidly in the last few years and there are masses of websites that aim to take advantage of this surge in new Internet users.

With a comprehensive seo strategy it is possible to drive a lot of traffic from previously untapped resources.

Web 2.0 microsites, designed and developed by Manual Link Building, are an affordable and convenient way to help improve your traffic results.

Buy Squidoo Lens

Sites like Hubpages and Squidoo offer their registered users a chance to create a profile, design their own page, and update that page with quality content. Depending on the site in question, this may mean the addition of text but it might also include videos, pictures, polls, and other elements. To make the most of web 2.0 microsites you should also ensure that these pages are optimized and promoted to give them greater authority.

Buy Hubpages

There are a number of high quality social media websites that offer microsite opportunities. They must be beneficial by offering dofollow links and they must allow for the addition of content so that they can be properly optimized. As such, Manual Link Building offers web 2.0 microsites at Hubpages and Squidoo and we will be adding more in the future.

The Benefits

Web 2.0 microsites and quick and relatively easy to set up, but to get one just right it can take time and experience. However, they are inexpensive and remain independent of your main website. They can be made to look more attractive through the addition of multimedia content, graphics, and other elements. You can buy Hubpages microsites and you can buy Squidoo Lens designs that are branded to your own website.

Manual Link Building Web 2.0 Microsites

When you buy Squidoo lens designs and other web 2.0 microsites from Manual Link Building you can begin to market these pages as well as your own site. This way, the links from these pages will give greater benefit to your own pages. As experienced and skilled link builders and developers, we can also do this for you to ensure that you get the very best results.

Contact Manual Link Building to buy Squidoo Lens sites and to buy Hubpages that will help promote your website.

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